Sabrina Ranfoni was born in Lecce and after her high school studies, in love with the Baroque art of her small town, she began her university studies by moving to Rome.

Since his university years he has had the good fortune to learn in a large architectural studio of one of his university professors what the profession of architect means at 360°. In fact, over the years you have the opportunity to range between design at all levels, both public and private, and the construction company that allows you to see the realization of your works immediately and up close.

After the academic years he founded the Art & Architecture Laboratory, which the architect sees as a workshop of collaborations between various Professionals, a special container that over the years, gives shape and realization to interior design, villas and private houses, Public for a famous Italian street food brand, renovation of hotels – becoming a partner of a large emerging hotel reality in Italy.

She lives and works in Rome but her professional activity often leads her to work with enthusiasm in many Italian locations.